In The Studio: 4/1/13
I've been working for quite a few months on a piece to be part of the CIRCUS exhibition at Gallery Project. Here are some photos of the process with this piece, called "Feats of Strength", from beginning sketch to completed piece.

Some of the drawings:

In The Studio: 8/13/12
I was asked to include a grouping of my Bearded Men drawings in the Creature exhibition at Gallery project. Instead of just dusting off the older drawings, I went to work on a handful of new ones and showed a mixture of old and new.

Some of the drawings:

In The Studio: 12/1/11
Did a gouache drawing called "Be Prepared" that will eventually become part of a series called "Questionable Merits" and feature boy scouts and girl scouts...

In progress

In The Studio: 5/15/11
Working on another gouache drawing for the Thanksgiving series...

Thanksgiving in progress

In The Studio: 1/8/11
I've started a multi-part piece in gouache that will feature a Thanksgiving dinner. I'm enjoying that this frame of the piece is turning into an ode to fall colors...

Thanksgiving in progress

In The Studio: 11/8/10
Saw a call for a show of "Self Portrait As Rock Stars" at a gallery in Baltimore, and it prompted me to make this:

"Self Portrait with Michael Jackson's Jacket, Hair and Nose, Circa 1985". Pencil on Paper, 14x11", 2010.

In The Studio: 11/5/10
Obviously, it's been forever since I've given any studio updates. So I wanted to post a couple in-progress photos of a recent drawing..

Walter Breuning

In The Studio: 8/19/09
Just a couple more sessions to go and she'll be done.

Miss North America

In The Studio: 8/18/09
Miss North America is getting close to being finished. Here's some more of the in-progress shots:

Miss North America

In The Studio: 7/8/09
I'm back to oil painting, after a pretty long hiatus of just drawing. So I'm pretty excited to be started on this new series of paintings of beauty queens. The First one I've started is Miss North America. You can see how much I sometimes need to go back and change things even after they're well underway. In this one, the face was not working at all, and I got Emily to model her hand for me so I could find a pose that worked... Here's some of the in-progress shots:

Miss North America

In The Studio: 5/7/09
I've had a busy past couple months, which had my work included in four different shows here in Pittsburgh. Here are some photos from the show of Bearded Men that was up at Beleza...

In The Studio: 1/7/09
I've started on a new series of inkwash drawings of bearded men of various ethnicities and eras. I like the idea of lumping together widely varied cultures and ethnicities for something that has little universal value between them. It brings up interesting questions about the concepts of multi-culturalism and diversity. Anyhow, here's a couple of the drawings taking shape...

Bearded Man (3)
And Bearded Man (5):

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