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In The Studio: 11/22/08
It's been a while since I've posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been in the studio. I've been working on all sorts of random drawings over the past few months, doing some gouache and some pen and ink and some pencil drawings. I've posted some of them on my site elsewhere too, but here's a couple of the drawings I've done since the last post.

Maori from the Savages series Aboriginee 2 Twins (Pygmy/ American)

In The Studio: 5/2/08
Even with the studio in transition in my new home, I've still been making work. I've been doing these little gouache paintings of beauty queens. They may eventually become an oil painting series, but here they are as little sketches...

Beauty Queen (Red.) (Purple.) (Pink.) (Blue.)

In The Studio: 3/2/08
I'm in the process of moving to Pittsburgh, which has slowed things down in the studio. But I thought I'd post an image of a painting from the Color Studies series...

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow finished.

In The Studio: 12/10/07
In the most recent drawing from the Savages series, I had to rework some of the face in order to get it to look right, and I documented some of the process...
This is what it looked like first. Then I photographed it and reversed it, which helped me see that it looked sort of wonky. So I reworked the drawing a little... ...and again, until I was happy with the final result.

In The Studio: 11/27/07
I've been drawing a lot lately. I did a new drawing for the Native Americana series and started on the Savages series, which I'll be posting more of shortly

Native Americana: Tatanka Yanomamo, from the Savages series

In The Studio: 11/6/07
Finishing up "Brown".

"Brown" in progress: And the finished painting:

I also finished up this small drawing to donate to the Postcards from the Edge Show. If you have a chance, google William Lanne... kind of a crazy story.

"Tasmanian Devil/ William Lanne"

In The Studio: 9/28/07
Making progress on Brown.

"Brown" in progress: A pretty horrible source image I'm using.

In The Studio: 9/16/07
Started a series of "Color Studies", where I'm exploring the idea of racial nomenclature and getting a chance to do traditional color studies as well, playing with black, white, yellow, brown, and red.
"Brown" in progress:

In The Studio: 8/20/07
I finally documented some drawings I did over the past year. The series doesn't have a title, but served as a precursor to the Twins series.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

And some drawings from a small series called (African) American Women.

(African) American Woman 1 (African) American Woman 2

In The Studio: 7/21/07
I did a lot of work on the landscape for the first Mudbather. I've also been working on another project that I'll include images of later on.

Landscape detail Another landscape detail

In The Studio: 5/22/07
The first Mudbather is coming along in baby steps. And I've now posted some of the finished twin drawings as well...

Mudbather 1 as of 5.21.07 American Museum of Natural History diorama I'm using as
reference for parts of the landscape.
Mudbather 1 as of 5.22.07

In The Studio: 4/11/07
A look at how things are progressing with the first mudbather and some shots of a drawing series I've been working on that I think I'm calling Twins:

Mudbather 1 as of 4.11.07 the second set of twins start of drawing for next twin dyptich

In The Studio: 3/12/07
I just started a new painting series called The Mudbathers... Here's a glimpse at things in-progress:

sketch for Mudbathers series painting sketch for Mudbather mudbath source image for Mudbathers
Dani Tribe source image for Mudbathers mudbath source image for Mudbathers Mudbather in-progress, 3/12/07